Luggage facilities


➯ If you have a baggage claim (baggage lost or damaged on arrival), please consult the help page
 and our page dedicated to baggage disputes by airline

Bag Mobile is a secure and quality service specializing in the storage, wraping and delivery of luggage.
Since 2018, Bag Mobile has offered many services appreciated by travellers:

The wraping service:
Our ultra-resistant film protects your luggage against damage and theft.

The tracking service:
A unique code is associated with your luggage, which makes it possible to find it very quickly in the event of loss.

The insurance service:

  • Loss Insurance:In the event of permanent loss of luggage, you will be paid 500$.
  • Delay Insurance: As soon as your luggage is temporarily lost, even if it is found, you will be paid $1,000 (valid for the round trip and for 3 months)

Storage Service:
We guarantee and provide care for your suitcases and bags under safe treatment conditions and with maximum attention and care to respect their integrity. Whether for an hour or a day, take advantage of your stay in Marseille and entrust us with your luggage!

Luggage delivery service:
Bag Mobile delivers your luggage to the location of your choice, to and from the Airport. We take particular care to honor your instructions for a luggage storage service.

Other services :
Bag Mobile also offers the sending of luggage around the world, the safekeeping/handing over of keys, the sale of travel accessories, the rental of childcare articles, the management of lost objects and the recovery of objects prohibited in the cabin. , etc

Useful information :
Hours: 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. 7 days a week
Location: Terminal 1 at the departures check-in area
Terminal 2  luggage balance