* Flight Tracking Terms & Conditions:
Flight tracking is sent by email. By clicking on "Sign-up for this flight", user acknowledges that he will receive by e-mail any update of the status of the flight indicated by flight number on the day requested. The e-mail address data is not kept and is only used for this sending.
As flight status can change at any time, unless your flight has been cancelled, we recommend that you check in for the original departure time and check the screens at the airport for any updates.
We will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of flight information at all times. However, Marseille Provence Airport cannot be held responsible for the non-transmission of messages and cannot guarantee the speed and reliability of receipt of email messages sent.

- Flight page data:
This information is updated automatically at the time indicated at the top of the page.
This information is subject to change without notice. Marseille Provence Airport cannot be held responsible for a display error.
For check-in deadlines, you should contact your airlines.