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Flying in the Covid-19 world

Marseille Provence airport has gradually reorganized and has implemented reinforced health measures.

Marseille Provence airport is committed for strengthened health measures


Commitments & certifications

Adhérant au protocole de Sécurité sanitaire AESA et ECDC
Adhering to the AESA and ECDC
health security protocol
Certifié Marseille-Provence Safe
Marseille-Provence Safe
Welcome certified
Certifié Marseille-Provence Safe
Partner of the IHU
Mediterranean Infection


Determined to improve health security on the platform, the Marseille Provence Airport teams have implemented concrete measures to protect its passengers and employees:


Travel differently: information & best practices for passengers


Wearing a mask is compulsory in all circumstances

For the protection of all, wearing a mask is compulsory from the age of 6 in the terminals and throughout your trip. Anyone who does not comply with this obligation is liable to a fine of 135 euros.
Wearing a surgical mask is essential on board aircraft. Its use being limited to 4 hours, remember to provide as many masks as necessary.

Preferably register online

If possible, and in order to limit contacts on departure, check in directly online using the tools made available to you by your airline.

Get tested for Covid-19

If you are going abroad, and a screening test is required before boarding, do not hesitate to contact a medical analysis centre:

Everywhere in France: find a screening center by postal code

PCR test screening center
Travel safe from Marseille Provence airport and take a COVID-19 screening test with our partner Labosud Provence Biology.


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For any questions, we invite you to visit our FAQ.
You can also use our contact form and/or call 0820 811 414 (0.12€/min) for any emergency.

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Additional information and useful links

For further information and real-time recommendations, visit the following sites:

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