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Summer report, outlook and winter program

by Aéroport Marseille Provence, le 14/09/2021
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Results beyond our forecasts
The two summer months were relatively good as we welcomed 599,343 passengers in July (57% of 2019 traffic) and 679,527 in August (65% of 2019 traffic). These are levels that have not been seen since the onset of the health crisis, which proves that the urge to travel is there.

14 new destinations via 15 new routes this winter
This winter, departing from Marseille Provence airport, passengers will be able to reach 80 destinations (vs. 94 in 2019), in 25 countries (vs. 29 in 2019), via 98 lines (vs. 118 in 2019).
Our three new companies arriving in the spring Air Arabia, Corsair and Binter as well as Ryanair will offer travelers the possibility of going to 14 new destinations (as in 2019) in 9 countries of the world via 15 new regular lines (Vs 22 new lines in 2019 ).

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