cheque parking

The cheapest airport car park!

For stays of 4 – 24 days, starting from €3 per day.

  • Only available through online reservation
  • Free shuttle bus to the terminals
  • Pedestrian footpath (journey time on foot is approximately 8-13 minutes, depending on the terminal)

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Important information

Since being opened in June 2017, the new bus station (Quai N°5) is now the only drop-off/pick-up point for the ‘Chèque Parking’ shuttle buses. The service operates as follows:

  • Journeys between Chèque Parking < > Terminaux: from 6am – midnight (approximate waiting time*: 10 to 15 minutes / Journey time*: 2 minutes)
  • On-demand service from midnight – 6am (use the intercom to request a shuttle bus)
  • In order for your journey to run smoothly, please allow enough time between arriving at the airport and boarding the plane, following guidance provided by the airline.

Please note: shuttle buses between the Vitrolles TER train station and Marseille Provence Airport also depart from Quai N°5, alternating with the shuttle buses to Super Eco parking. Please check the bus destination before boarding.


*Times listed do not take into account unforeseen circumstances, especially relating to traffic conditions.