Future terminal 1


Designed to inspire, the future Terminal 1

will see the light of day in summer 2024



A better customer experience and improved services


The purpose of the Cœur d’aéroport project is not simply to build a new central building, but also and above all to provide a more simplified passenger experience. The current passenger experience is undermined by the complex infrastructure and services spread out across several halls. Going forward, life will be much easier. The future Terminal 1 will comprise one single check-in area (instead of 4), one security checkpoint (instead of 4) and a single retail area.

The entire retail offer is being completely overhauled. We will entirely renew the passenger experience: over two thirds of the retail space will be located in the departure lounges, after all the formalities, as this is where passengers want to enjoy themselves. Before security, we want to offer a more optimised selection to help passengers in a rush be more efficient, especially when it comes to buying essential items. 



Empowering passengers using digital technology

The biggest priority for passengers is often having information in the right place, at the right time. Hence the idea of sending personalised alerts to provide them with real-time visibility of their journey: getting to the airport and the plane (steps, waiting time, available services, etc.). We are working to introduce an itinerary system with an interactive map that will help guide customers looking for points of interest or wanting to see their journey in 3D.

Nearly 20 self-service kiosks will be put in the future terminal’s check-in area. Passengers will thus save time by being able to check-in and drop off their bags directly at these kiosks.
Last but not least, we are also working to roll out a fully integrated biometric system using facial recognition.  You’ll no longer need to carry all sort of documents to pass through security, just your mobile phone.


Decor that ressembles Provence

To meet international standards, Terminal 1 will immerse passengers in two completely different worlds designed by architects Foster+Partners and inspired by the Provence region.

The check-in area will emulate a Provence boulevard. Ochre stone flooring and the quintessential vegetation that lines the long avenues will evoke a leisurely stroll along the Cours Mirabeau in Aix-en-Provence. A change of scenery in the departure lounge, where the decor will draw inspiration from Marseille’s old port with its typical sheds housing shops and restaurants.

Provence’s art de vivre will also be reflected in the selection of shops and restaurants available throughout Terminal 1. Open in May 2024.


Remarkable architecture in more ways than one

28,000 m² of refurbished space and 22,000 m² of new-build: the Cœur d’aéroport is the biggest project ever undertaken in the airport’s history.

Over the past several months, passengers have been able to see the future Terminal 1, which will be completed in May 2024, slowly taking shape. They can’t help but be struck by its sheer size: 22 metres high, 92 metres deep and 118 metres wide. All its dimensions are double that of the previous building built by Fernand Pouillon; a fitting tribute.

The architecture has been especially designed to harness the power of the region’s assets. On the north-east side, the entire façade is glazed to ensure as much light as possible and, consequently, reduce the amount of electricity needed for indoor lighting. On the other side, the south-east façade is protected by a large, 15-metre cantilevered sunshade. Lastly, in high temperatures, the building will be naturally aerated at night to bring in fresh air. A great way to minimise the use of air conditioning.