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First step towards energy self-sufficiency at Marseille Provence Airport.

by Aéroport Marseille Provence, le 01/12/2021
[Translate to English:] centrale Engie aéroport Marseille Provence transition énergétique autosuffisance énergétique


MPA and ENGIE Solutions inaugurate a new heating and air con system

Marseille Provence Airport (MPA) is inaugurating its new thermo-refrigeration production plant alongside its partner, the ENGIE Solutions, MAP and Fauché grouping in charge of architecture, electrical engineering, construction and today maintenance, operation and supply of heating and cooling for a period of five years.

Philippe Bernand, Chairman of the Management Board of Aéroport Marseille Provence (AMP), declares: 

"Our ambition is to become a model of virtuous airport development by achieving Net Zero Carbon in particular before 2030, then moving towards energy self-sufficiency. This new power plant is one of the centerpieces of this global project ”.

Cécile Prévieu, ENGIE Deputy General Manager in charge of Energy Solutions activities, adds:
 "We are proud to support Marseille Provence Airport in its decarbonisation process through this thermo-refrigeration plant project combining performance and respect for the environment. Through this partnership, it is the very ambition of ENGIE Solutions that is expressed: to optimize the use of energy in order to consume less and better ".

A new, two-storey, 1,200-m² power plant provides heating (since 13 October) and air conditioning (since 16 July) to all buildings at MPA used by the public (all terminals, including Cargo). It took one year to complete the building (from 16 July 2020 to 16 July 2021) and an investment of 11 million euros. The new power plant enables the airport to use almost 35% less natural gas for heating, which amounts to a saving of 700 tonnes of CO2 per year – or the annual heating emissions of 222 homes. The new facility has also reduced electricity consumption for air con by 40% i.e. 3 GWh (Gigawatt hours). Other important benefits include a 40% reduction in water consumption (from 24,000 m3 to 14,000 m3) with this, high-performance equipment also warding off any risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

- 35 % savings in gas consumption
- 25 % reduction in CO2 emitted each year
- 40 % reduction in electricity consumption for air con
- 40% reduction in water consumption compared to today!

Since 2018, 100% of the electricity that MPA uses is green, from guaranteed sources.
This means that we only consume electricity generated by renewable energy sources.

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