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Marseille Provence airport recalls the health measures implemented on its platform

by Aéroport Marseille Provence, le 27/07/2020
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The airport applies all the measures recommended by the government health authorities (ARS) and works hand in hand with them to update the protocols in force, monitor and trace proven cases of COVID-19.
At the same time, the airport is working proactively with the IHU Méditerranée in order to put in place additional measures, whose effectiveness in the fight against the spread of the virus has been proven: voluntary screening, strongly encouraged by display and increased awareness.

Since last March, all of the measures currently recommended by the government health authorities (ARS - Regional Health Agency) have been implemented on the Marseille platform: wearing a compulsory mask, reinforced cleaning and disinfection, provision of charging stations. hydro-alcoholic gel, installation of plexiglass protections, demarcation of distances in waiting areas… The devices evolve according to changes in health recommendations and are updated accordingly on the platform.
In all, more than 25 hydro-alcoholic gel terminals regularly supplied, as well as virucidal foam in each toilet block, are made available to passengers and more than 2,500 posters & stickers (terminals, check-ins, inspection, filtering, boarding , luggage delivery, etc.) have been installed in the halls currently accessible to the public.

In situ indications, including automated audio announcements every 10 minutes, remind passengers of the importance of respecting barrier gestures, distancing and wearing the compulsory mask.
Aéroport Marseille Provence is also working with all of the platform's partners, including government departments and airlines, their assistants and subcontractors, to be extra vigilant and pursue any refractory behavior.

Information & screening

Since July, Marseille Provence Airport has been raising awareness among passengers returning from the “red zone” to get tested. The list of centers that offer screening for passengers returning from so-called “red” areas is also indicated. To date, this concerns, for Marseille Provence airport, direct flights from / to Ethiopia and Turkey.
Marseille Provence Airport is obviously favorable and promoter of carrying out an in situ screening test according to the ARS PACA procedures. This voluntary screening system is being set up and should be operational in the coming days, for passengers returning from areas in which the virus is actively circulating.
Concretely, teams of laboratories in the region, mandated by the ARS, will be present at the international arrivals level of Marseille Provence airport and will meet passengers from countries at risk, by offering them free screening, under PCR test form.


In the same vein, Aéroport Marseille Provence is also involved, in collaboration with airlines and ARS PACA, in the cycle of reconstituting the traceability of positive cases of COVID-19. This comes in a logic of contact case identification, in the event that a positive case occurs.

  • The tracing measures are governed by a government decree. This decree specifies that airlines must systematically collect, for all their passengers on international flights arriving in the territory, a traceability sheet.
  • Marseille Provence Airport collects and keeps these traceability sheets for one month and intervenes if necessary, in partnership with ARS PACA, in the cycle of reconstitution of the traceability of contact cases.

Collaboration with the health world

Beyond these actions governed by decree, Aéroport Marseille Provence is working in close collaboration with the IHU Méditerranée Infection in order to implement the only measure whose effectiveness in the fight against the spread of the virus has been proven: screening, strongly encouraged by display and increased awareness (flyers, information sheets, list of screening points and tests in the region, quarantine procedures, etc.) particularly among passengers coming from areas where the virus is still circulating.

Aware of its role and responsibilities as a gateway to the territory, the Airport is committed to always going further in its mission of "barrier", prevention and fight against the spread of the virus in the region. In this sense, Marseille Provence Airport will continuously rely on the methods and recommendations of the IHU.

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