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Simple, practical and effective, parking subscriptions are now available only on our website.
Do you want to sign up or renew your parking subscription? Let us help.


Order online

Order your card online and choose your delivery method:

  • By post (free)
  • Collection from the airport (‘Bureau des abonnements’ and ‘PC Parcs et Aérogare’, on the Ground floor in Terminal 1, open from 6am – midnight)

For new subscriptions, please allow 3 daysfor your card to be ready.

  Order online

Renew your subscription

You can renew your subscription directly in your  Marseille Provence Airport store account
You will also find all information relating to your subscription card, invoices etc.

Parking subscriptions are only available online

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Subscription offers

Premium Card

For those parking at the airport for 2 days per week and who prioritise comfort – arrive at the last minute and park as close as possible to the airport.

  • €1980 Euros (inc. VAT) per year
  • Parking in the P1 and P6 car parks, the closest to the terminals. Car park space guaranteed with our ‘Espace First’ initiative, located on Level 3 of P6.
  • Indoor car parking (P1 and P6), with direct access to the terminals
  • Maximum stay = 30 days
  • Order online
  • View the airport car park map

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Classic Card

For those flying 3 or 4 times per month, who want a convenient and cost-effective car parking option.


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Economy Card

For those looking for budget-friendly car parking.


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3 Month Economy Card

For those looking for a 3-month subscription.


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